TEPOS – Point of Sale Solution

inteliworld Point of Sale Solution

TouchMaster POS Interface

An easy to use touch screen enabled POS user interface.

POS Master user Interface

Very fast and easy to use POS interface, optimized for daily operations where conventional POS operation is mostly demanded.

Bi-lingual Reciepts

Facility to provide information to the customers in their native language.

Inventory Support

Inventory Managment support to help you get maxximum out of your business daily sales.

Employee Management

Detailed Employee information and sales management moduel.

Supplier Management

Maintains compelet supplier supply records and very easy to employ supplier managment activities.

Sale Trends & Management

Very detailed, easily selectable, information rich sales Trend and business intelligence reporting.

Comprehensive Reports

Comprehnsive and detailed business reporting that are generated by TEPOS designed  to provide business Intelligence information Build on top of a powerful POS foundation.

One Solution for Everyone

If you are a small shop or a large cash and carry, the TEPOS covers all the major commercial and industrial areas. It is the most right choice opted by most of the retailers.

Retail Shops

Super Stores

Cash & Carrys

Coffe shops


Computer Stores

Icecream Shops

Juice Shops

Hardware Stores

Whole sale stores

Cosmetic stores

... Many More

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