Holograms are no doubt the most desired and appealing optics technology, that is inspiring and will change the future way of presenting information. Although  recently one company after another is coming forward with their products claiming to create holograms . But according to the optics experts , most of them do not use true holography to create the 3D effects. Instead of declaring them as holograms, they rather can be re-purposed as the classic’s magician’s trick called Pepper’s Ghost. Such a trick is exhibited for tupac Shakur hologram.  Yet we came across an exciting claim from LEIA regarding bringing of the “Holograms on Smart Phone“.

HP spinoff ,LEIA has been developing 3D display for smartphones. David Fattal , CEO  of LEIA , is aiming to achieve holographic video effects on the smart phones. LEIA , is aiming to make these screens available in the market for the consumers by the end of 2017.

Dynamics of Real time Holographic Video

Holographic real-time motion is more harder then the simple still holographs.If you have to move your holographic image move at the normal video rate, it requires the diffraction fringe re-computation up to every   0.0166 or 1/60th of the second. It is such a computation intensive task that is even deemed as fastest for computers less short than super computation power.

Holograms on Smart Phones 

It is because of such reason , LEIA claim for producing 3D Screen is such an exciting and opening for new era of exciting application. The trick  is breaking the holograms down into pieces, instead of treating it as single image. David fatal explains the process as ,

“We manage to simplify the hologram, to think of it as different pieces”.

Implementation Secrets

At LEIA They are taking a generic hologram , which can be considered as the liner superposition of different arrays of light coming from different regions on diffracting plane.The diffraction pattren can cater to different scenes and it can be achieved by changing the relative intensity of each portion. With every hologram , there exists the lot of information about certain scene. A human eye would never be sufficiently sensitive to such detailed information. So in principle LEIA team is stripping of the superfluous information from the hologram and results in moving the best holographic image quickly. User can be able to interact with the holographic 3D images by just hovering over the smart phone screen instead of touching the screen.