As the user demand for provision of highspeed network is increasing, so does the immense pressure on nettwork infrasturcture manufacturers to support the highspeed on the same infrasturcture. Now Ethernet alliance, a global consortium come to rescue. We will look some exciting new and promising up comming 5Gb ethernet technology that is supporting the manufacturer dream.

Recently a new ethernet standard IEEE 802.3bz, is approved by Ethernet alliance while allowing an upgrade path for exsisting infrastructures,considering the more than 70 billion meters of Cat5e/Cat6 cabling installed worlwide.

This new and exciting new standard promises to enable network access layer bandwidth to evolve incrementally beyond 1 to 2.5 Gbps and 5Gbps. The technology standarad helps in laying out an upgraed path for 1000Base-t, IEEE 802.3bz defines 2.5Gb(2.5G) and 5Gb(5G) Base-T ethernet.

IEEE 802.3bz offers speed upto 5Gbps while utilizing exsisting infrastrucure.

The IEEE 802.3bz standard specifies ethernet media access control (MAC) parameters, physical layer specifications(PHY), and managment objects for balanced twisted-pair transmission media found in structured cabling. While the most astounding fact is the facilitation offered be IEEE 802.3bz in increase in speed up to five 05 times the speed without significant impact on the infrastucture change cost.

IEEE 802.3bz enables cost-effective network bandwidth scaling. This cost effective enterprise technology addresses various needs, including scientific and research computing, content production and editing,  industrial design and automation, machine vision and many more. You can have a look at much more technical details at ethernet alliance.