Heads up display or shortly termed as HUDs are used for directions and notifications are slowly becoming essential part of upcoming luxury cars. But if you want to install it after you have purchased a car, an after market option that is exciting and yet worth spending is offered by NAVDY, a wind shield HUD display.

NAVDY has a thin black base that can be fixed right above the dashboards. So it offers a perfect position above the steering wheel ,where it holds up a small transparent display.The screen floats , seemingly suspended against the bottom segment of the vehicle’s windshield. While this optimal placement not only help the driver to keep the eyes on the road as well as get the directions and notifications in the appropriate and drive safe manner.

The input of information is simple.User can enter the destination in his/her iphone app , that is offered by NAVDY. After the user has entered the destination the direction appears on the display that looks like the stripped down version with only necessary info of Google Maps.

The optimal future dream is the ability to input the directions in heads up displays (HUDs) directly that is placed in front of the driver.NAVDY isn’t currently upto that mark, yet it is still offering a nice alternative to glance down on phone and avoiding to put driving car at risk of accident.

Product Name : NAVDY, a WindSheild HUD Display

Product Price:   $799