Ever wondered about the scenario where you are asking computer to make the beautiful artworks for you. All by it self it produces the beautiful symphony , a wondrous piece of text or a splendid video. We are going to talk about the recent advancement by Google, in which the computer acting as self learning artist are tried to achieved.

Google has recently announced that its Artificial intelligence(AI) software is able to make the “creative suggestion” in order to help the architects , musicians and visual artists to create the artifacts.

This is not a fiction as in February 2016 , a art work was sold for $8,000/-. Its worth mentioning that the said piece of image art was generate by using the “Deep Dream” , a AI self learning digital artist by Google.

It is not limited to images only as claimed by the Deep Brain , Google’s latest research group in artificial intelligence. As a writer , one could able to get from computer a handful of nifty , partially written ideas that can serve in giving the head start. Now the new google project , Magenta , is aimed at making the creative software that is able to generate more sophisticated artifacts using the videos , text and images.

Can a machine ever be a complete artist in its own right, without direction by humans.

The main design heuristic that google is currently using to make the creative software is reinforcement learning.In reinforcement learning the software learns and picks up new skills like the biological specie. Reinforcement learning could make the software capable of producing the more complex art work. The question arises from all above mentioned technological advancements in making the intelligent machines is creating the far more impact on the field of computational creativity.