Have you ever heard of Roomba. It is the vacuum-cleaning robot which was created by Joe Jones , a roboticist. While getting inspired by the autonomy and ease offered by already created products a new one aimed for the garden will help in achieving user ease and automation. Tertill, gardening robot has came into exsistance.

Tertill is a solar-powered gardening robot that operates autonomously. It uses the sensors to identify obstacles and a string trimmer to cut weeds. The prototype is aimed at the casual gardener. However creator of Tertill Joe Jones, hopes that the forth comming versions of Tertill will help the organic farmers that are looking to weed their corps without using the herbicide. When the Tertill rolls over the plant that is shorter than its one inch high bumper, it activates the trimmer while assuming the plant is the weed. It turns away from the plant that is higher than its bumpers and from collars that can be installed to protect seedlings.

read more about it at MIT Tech review.

Product Name: Tertill, gardening robot

Company: Franklin Robotics

Price: $250