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Google is planning to introduce new privacy features to its Google Maps, YouTube and Google Voice Assistant services. A privacy take by google offering, with options including incognito mode and automatic data deletion.

Google has been working for quite some time to launch new  privacy-related features for the services offered by the search Giant. As due to recent cyber space activities the search giant and numerous social media companies face a lot of heat from end users and government regulators on a global scale,on how their platforms handle user data and privacy concerns.

The new incognito mode on Google Maps will stop saving maps activity to users’ google accounts, including the places they search for, though it would take away their personalized recommendations.This feature is not only appreciated but require a prior consent from user before implementing such eves dropping feature in the services offered by the company.

Recently Google also launched Password Checkup, a new feature that tells users whether their accounts have been compromised or if any of their passwords are weak.

“Password Checkup is a security extension for Chrome offered by Google that checks whether a user’s current passwords were subjected to a data breach and are no longer secure. If a user’s password is compromised, the user is alerted by a drop-down menu box and encouraged to change their password”

Google also said it will also planning to expand its auto-delete option to YouTube, allowing users to set a time period after which their viewing history data will be automatically erased from you tube history.

In the upcoming weeks, Google will also releases an option to delete voice assistant activity by verbal command: “Hey Google, delete the last thing I said to you.”

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